Fairphone 3+ goes crazy with /e/ changes windows by itself

Hello, since I don’t know to describe my problem precisely I hope you understand my problem. I have the FP3+ with pre-installed /e/ System from today but when I use the phone or leave it alone it does random stuff like pulling down the state bar or show my recently apps and opens the last one. Although I don’t touch the bars or buttoms. This bug makes it really difficult to use this phone.

I did a full reset but the bug still appears. :sleepy:
/e/OS 0.16-20210422111920

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Hi @Toriaka,
In case this phone was purchased from /e/ Pl send a mail with all details to support@e.email

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I also see this behaviour on my FP3 with unofficial /e/ Pie build. It does not happen often, if i must give a frequency, i think once in two weeks.

You lucker. I have it almost always and I can barely use my phone due to this problem. This phone is absolutely crazy and I want to throw it against a wall. :expressionless: I have now written to the support.

Ghost touching is the name of the phenomena. After trying some solutions, it can be only a hardwaredefect or a bug… :slightly_frowning_face:

Damn, now its totally freezed.

Since I have the phone since yesterday, I decide to send it back. I think I will take another or a repaired one but I am fed up to repair a brandnew smartphone.

Oh i missed the point you just got it, then yes send it back, this should not happen all the time.

Does the support always take so much time? My first email contact was on Saturday, since that I got only one answer (Sunday evening on my time) where I was asked to give some information about the retour label, I answered twice but since then no answer (It is Wednesday noon now.)

I am so annoyed by the phone. I am thinking about of open the phone, cleaning the contact and reflash the phone. But I did not buy it to do it all by myself. I am annoyed by waiting now. :expressionless: