Fairphone 3 hotspot crashes phone and performance is terrible

In the past 6 months hotspot performance has been terrible. I was originally able to get around it by using a VPN on the device connecting to the phone, but even that no longer works.

When hotspotting the phone itself slows to a crawl. You can’t even turn it off or on. Something is clearly bogging the whole phone down. Sometimes it even goes so far as to crash the whole phone.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a solution?

Thank you in advance for the help.

What is your version of /e/OS?
I have the last one, on a Fairphone 3, and using it as a hotspot for my (Debian) laptop here, without any issue…
I would recommend to update to the latest /e/ version if you don’t have it (but, for me, the last two versions were OK too)

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Well I’m still on Android 9, but with the last update applied. 10 was really buggy when I last tried it. Is this no longer the case? I remember ambient display not working at all on Android 10.

Also I would greatly prefer being able to update it in place, instead of needing to wipe the entire phone.

Still if that is the only recourse, I guess I will. Being able to hotspot is critical for me.

Performance in Windows or Debian (aarch64) is identical in that it is non-usable.

We have been using the latest android, on a Fairphone3 and on a 3+, for months. I have no experience with android 9… Isn’t there a way to save most of your data on the ecloud and to get it back on android 10?

I guess I’ll try to backup the data and restore it after upgrading to Android 10.

I find it odd that no one else has said anything about hotspotting performance.

The irony? I went into settings and switched the radio band from 5Ghz to 2.4Ggz and then tried connecting, and poof, like magic, I got full speed again, and the phone wasn’t not bogged down during use.

Problem solved. Curious though.

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