Fairphone 3+ installation e/OS black screen after unlock the bootloader


I just bought a fairphone 3+, and I want to install e/OS, I followed all the instruction and at this step I had a problem :
“unlock the bootloader and start again your phone with fastboot mode”
“chose to unlock the bootloader with the volume button”
“press enter to confirm”
“enter the option menu with the volume button”
at this step my phone stopped, the screen is black. I can’t start the phone normaly or with the fastboot…

Can anyone help me?

I add, that the phone was new, without any account or data on it.

Thank you

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Keeping the power button pressed for about 15 seconds doesn’t force a reboot?

Hi, thank you for the tips. It did work.

It was not possible to start again the installation, I think I need to re-install the OS, and then try again the e/OS with easy installer.

I hope it will work, otherwise I will ask for help again…


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If you need to get into fastboot mode again, just keep Vol - pressed while starting or rebooting the phone.