Fairphone 3 - installation problem

Hi, try to install /e/ on FP3 with Linux Mint. I have following the description successful until the fastboot -w command and failed by “”. I would be glad for any hints…:slight_smile: THanks

Did you use the latest version of Fastboot? download here

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I did the fastboot installation on a manjaro system and had no problems. Maybe it’s a problem with the connection between fastboot and your phone. What do you get from the command # / sudo fastboot devices?

Did you intend to copy the error message between the “”? Looks like your post is missing something there, because earlier reports of problems with fastboot -w usually contained some kind of error message.

sudo fastboot devices gives me the device number… but fastboot -w can’t find any device

sure, the message is - waiting for any device -

Can you type this: fastboot --version

fastboot version is fastboot version 1:8.1.0+r23-5~18.04

I tried it again, after starting the FP3 in Fastboot mode and plug it via usb to the PC, fastboot can’t reach the FP3, msg: waiting for any device.

Use version 30.0.1-6435776, there are known problems with other versions., see link above.

ok, thanks! Will come back with the results tomorrow night …

When you updated to a newer version of fastboot and the same error still happens, I would try to execute all fastboot commands with sudo, e.g. sudo fastboot -w.

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thanks, latest version of fastboot finds the device :-). Next steps have to wait, /E/ documentation for next instruction is not reachable since this morning. I’ll be back…

many thanks to all! Latest version of fastboot and sudo command solve the issue!


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