Fairphone 3 lost contacts while idle

/e/ on Fairphone 3, lineage_FP3-userdebug 9 PQ3A.190801.002 eng.root.20200428.185457 dev-keys.

I didn’t set up an /e/ account, so the “Default account for new contacts” is “Device”.

I synced my contacts to the phone with MyPhoneExplorer.
I confirmed the Contacts App could list them, MyPhoneExplorer confirmed them to be in the “Device” account, and I put links to some of them to my home screen.

Over night, while the phone was idle, they got deleted somehow.
The Contacts App listed no contacts anymore, the links on the home screen said they couldn’t find the respective contact, and MyPhoneExplorer showed the “Device” account on the phone being empty.

I now synced them back to the phone and exported a contacts.vcf just in case to easily get them back on the go … but for them to get deleted without any interaction is a total no-go.

Is /e/ perhaps trying to sync with the non-existing /e/ account, seeing nothing, thus deleting existing contacts on the phone to mirror this nothingness?
Any thoughts?

I did a factory reset for other reasons, and I encountered the contacts loss again.
Anticipating it this time, I tried to have a look at the contacts often while setting up my stuff.

I can’t pinpoint it exactly, but I think the contacts got lost somehow in connection with me installing and setting up Lawnchair to replace the stock Bliss launcher. Perhaps there’s even a certain lag between the cause and the effect.
Anyway, since everything is set up, the contacts seem to stay.

So, I guess if you intend to install a different launcher, have a backup of your contacts ready :wink: . (The Contacts App can export them to a file, for instance.)