Fairphone 3 (+ Modules ) Display not working (not reacting to touch input)

Hi to all,

as stated in from the Fairphone Company Website (https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001041206) :

“Find & fix an issue yourself”

This troubleshooter applies only to Fairphone OS. If you are using a custom ROM, such as /e/OS, and you need assistance, contact the custom ROM provider. If you need further assistance from Fairphone, you must install Fairphone OS first.”

So I ask here in the forum first:
My Fp3 (+ modules) has stopped responding to touch inputs without an incident (no falling, no bumping, no hitting, no getting wet). It has stopped receiving inputs during an action. I just opened an app folder and then I could no longer open the desired app (because there was no input anymore).

I have tried as described in the forum post (https://forum.fairphone.com/t/touchscreen-does-not-react-to-touch/65116) to disassemble the display twice, removed the SIMS, cleaned the contacts but nothing works. The screen is on (so I can see something and it responds to the mechanical buttons on the side of the device, but unfortunately not to touch inputs and I’m a bit stumped as to why this is happening and how I can fix it. The screen has not been damaged so far.

The phone had the latest patch version available 18 or 19 (?) // and Android 12 (think so)

Does anyone here have any ideas on what else I can do apart from dismantling the display and cleaning the contacts?

Kind regards

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Perhaps a Fairphone Angel is in your neighbourhood to test your screen.


I’ve met a wonderful guy who helped me with troubleshooting, but we just noticed that, that it is not the display itself. His display built into my device is just as unresponsive as my display.

I just figured out: I can use the phone with a usb-c mouse → the cursor appears and I can click everything, so it was possible to back everything important up, but the issues remains unresolved.

I have thought about possible next steps:

  • Remove each module and clean the contacts. edit: problem persists.

  • Flash the stock Rom and see if it’s on the software side edit: problem persists.

  • Open a ticket with Fairphone customer service,

  • Send the Fairphone back officially and have it looked at by Fairphone’s partner company

  • Have the core module replaced

  • Go to a cell phone store that repairs Fairphones (in Austria I can apply for a government initiative, called “repair bonus”).

Does anyone have any less drastic ideas?

Kind regards