Fairphone 3 not charging anymore

Hi all, yesterday my FP3 got wet from the rain and its nlt charging anymore since then. I disassembled it, let the bottom module and others dry overnight in a ventilated place, but still not working (found that as a solution in the FP forum, but didnt work for me). I also checked the water damage wiki.

I thought about buying a bottom module, since thats one of the purpose of the FP3 (be able to repair it and not throw it because one component doesnt work).
The problem is that the bottom module is currently unavailable (!) and, as you guess, I cant be without phone until i dont know when.

Any ideas?

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I suggest the next thing after drying it as best you can is to put it I to a jar or bag of rice, to try to get the device more dry.

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Hi, i also thought about that, but in the water damage wiki in fairphone forum they advise against using rice.

They do, as users tend to just drown a device in rice grains, which isn’t good because of the residue this can leave.
Putting it next to a porous bag of rice might work, just like the small packages of silica gel in shipments of stuff.

Thanks, I’ll try that. For now, the only thing that seems to work again is the charging light, but still not charging.

@alexis Is e foundation selling spare parts (bottom module, in this case)?

Esolutions doesn’t sell spare parts. You should check at fairphone.com directly.

I have to say, I am very disappointed that fairphone does not manage to keep the spare parts on stock. Repairabilty was the reason I bought a FP3 myself. I’m starting to question that decision.

Maybe, an admittedly annoying workaround would be to buy a new FP3 (if available), and sell the no- needed parts of the new/old phone on the second-hand market.

You could try whether somebody has a module to sell here … https://forum.fairphone.com/c/market/buy/52

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So what?
Just buy it with one of many resellers e.g. here:

Hello @graz The other day FP3 battery went to 0 and it would not start charging. So I force rebooted (hold power button about 20secs, it vibrates), then it started charging and booting again. Might do the trick…

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Thanks for your suggestions. I waited some days and now it seems to charge (only in slow mode), and with slow chargers (with the quick chargers I used to use it seems not to work, the charging light works, but no charge). Data transfer with computer doesn’t work, though. I checked the resellers module, but, for some reason, it costs almost twice as the ones sold by Fairphone, plus almost 15 € shipping cost, so at the end it ends up costing like 50 € for the module… I hope they sell new modules soon, as that was the spirit (and main reason, apart of having /e/) of buying a FP3.

Hi, ok so my FP3 is not charging anymore… I ordered the bottom module from the webpage that @ff2u suggested, and, even if it’s more expensive (32 + 15 shipping), I hope it would be worth it if it solves the problem and makes the phone last at least a couple more years (my goal when I bought the FP3 was to be able to repair it by myself and to last it like 5 years) …

Nonetheless, I have been checking the Gigaset GS290 from the /e/ store, and was shocked to find out that the shipping costs to Spain were almost 50 €!!

Is that right or is it some kind of mistake? I remembered when I bought the FP3 from /e) that the shipping costs were like 20 € and found it quite pricey, but this is too much…

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Hi! I finally got the bottom module from the reseller @ff2u suggested, and I must say the changing of the module was painless and efective. The phone charges like a charm again! I’m sad that Fairphone doesnt guarantee the stock and that I have to rely from a reseller, but still very happy with the solution.