Fairphone 3 stock, and back color?

I’m interested in buying two Fairphone 3 models on the /e/ shop. I have two questions.

  • it seems that on the Fairphone site itself there are no more Fairphone 3 models, at least for now ("Subscribe to back in stock notification) : would someone confirm that we have them in stock here?

  • Contrary to the new models FP3+, these Fairphone 3 have a semitransparent back (that I do appreciate a lot) : will this semitransparent back be the one on Fairphone 3 bought on the /e/shop?

Thank you!

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Pl send question reg the availability of /e/ phones to support@e.email

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The translucent back is a distinctive feature of the Fairphone 3, so if the e foundation still ships Fairphone 3s, those will have the translucent back.


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Thank you all! I’ve asked support@e.email for availability