Fairphone 4 Bluetooth problem with1.12.3

Since I updated my FP4 to the newest e/OS Version V1.12.3 my Bluetooth is not working anymore properly. I can switch ON Bluetooth but after 5 minutes around Bluetooth is OFF without by them self. So I cannot listen music anymore in my car.
With the older version I think date around June 2022 Bluetooth was working fine.

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I’m on 1.12.3-s-20230615299639-stable-FP4 and I don’t have problems with BT, at least in association with a music box.

I have the problem with every Bluetooth device. The Bluetooth is switching OFF after 5 minutes, or in case I want to couple a new device it is switching OFF immediately after searching the device. So I cannot add any new device.

You might consider to start your FP4 in safemode to check if it’s really caused by the OS or maybe by an installed app.

I had only update the OS to the newest version. With the older e/OS version Bluetooth was working fine. There is not any new app installed since the update. How I can go back to any previous version of OS?

1.3 is on the horizon

I installed V1.13 (July 24.) Bluetooth is also not working. Same like V1.12. Also Hotspot is is not working with V1.12 and V1.13. Please give me the instruction how I can downgrade my phone. With the version version of summer 2022 (I think it was 1.08) everything is working. Franz

Please try

Settings > Apps and notifications > See all … apps > 3 dot menu top right > Show system > Bluetooth > Storage & cache > Clear storage | Clear cache

Clear cache alone would be the minimum intervention, but may have no effect.
Clear storage will remove all Bluetooth pairings and you will be forced to a completely “fresh start” with the app.

Bluetooth problem solved by memory reset. Thanks

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