Fairphone 4 bought at efoundation shop, no updates possibel

This is getting frustrating.I specifically bought a murena fairphone 4 to get a good experience :frowning:

The updater apps keeps crashing when I want to install an update. Is there a good way to update the murena fairphone 4?

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No solution, but the same Problem. Installed /e/ on fp4 on myself, there are two Updates i can install now, January and February - but everytime i try to Start the installing process it crashes.

Maybe it’s Not a Real Problem: i restarted the Phone and now IT Shows i already Has installed the latest Update.

Same problem here on my Fairphone 4 I manually installed /e/ on. Thank’s @Offebecher, for suggesting I just reboot the phone. That worked for me. I’m now on the February 2022 version, was on January before.

My best guess is, the updater doesn’t notify my the phone needs to reboot. It just finishes the upgrade and then stops.