Fairphone 4 build missing LiveDisplay parametersf

This may be because of hardware limitation , but as mention in a previous post, it looks like my screen has the contrast (not the brigthnes ) to 110%, every color, blue green and red are over saturated and everything looks like I’m looking at a poorly calibrated screen. (I have the issue on Fairphone 4 but the experience was the same on galaxy S7 4 years ago.)

Maybe some people loves saturation but it hurt my eyes. It seems like lineage LiveDisplay parameters include contrast and saturation and way more settings in its complete form.
Could it be possible to access them via adb ?
or maybe enable them in the build process and let users choose the color saturation they like.
Playing with the color adjuster only works for one color at a time because they all need to be turn down and the setting is ineffective as the parameters are relative to each others.

No one on this one ?
The vivid color scheme is pretty aggressive.
I’ve seens that livedisplay is not really reliable in Lineage, but this is a breaking feature for me.