Fairphone 4 Camera Update Through System Update


Fairphone has sent me an e-mail stating that they will upgrade the camera through a system update for better usage, e.g.

Faster shots, better low-light shots, smoother video stabilization; your Fairphone 4 shoots more professional than ever. What are you waiting for, it’s time for an update.

Will there be an upgrade through /e/OS, too?

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There is also a blog post about it.


I read through the blog post and can’t find any information regarding e/os. Where did you find that information?

I guess @qoheniac was referring to the “sent me an e-mail” part … there’s a blog post about what the camera email was talking about, unrelated to /e/OS.

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Came here to ask the same thing. I don’t see the “system update” version on my Fairphone 4 with /e/OS.

For the time being, no one should expect Fairphone’s camera update to become available directly in /e/OS. From all I know the camera app in all /e/OS versions (regardless of device, with potentially just Murena’s own hardware excempted, but I simply don’t know) is a fork of Open Camera and not any device-specific camera app.

All you can hope is that someone makes available an .apk file that can be installed on your /e/OS FP4. So far that is not the case, see here: For a Better Camera on deGoogled Operating Systems


Well, Calyx seems to use the update, so perhaps /e/ will too. We will see in due time…

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