Fairphone 4, camera

The Fairphone 4 has several photo modules:

Rear Camera 1 48MP, F / 1.6 (Wide) Dual LED Flash
Rear Camera 2 48MP, F / 2.2 (Ultra Wide)
Rear Camera 3 Tof 3D (Depth)
Front Camera 25MP, F / 2.2 (Wide)

How are they (not) managed by “E” ?

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on murena phone site they advertise the fairphone 4 with 48MP too, but /e/ doesn´t seem to support the resolution of the phone cams

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Where did you find the information that it has a ToF camera?
I don’t find anything about it on the website and the images show only two rear cameras and a light sensor.

Nevertheless, it would be a very cool feature!

@junkston At least, the 48 MP issue is known and adressed in gitlab FP4 - camera output is limited to 12MP when sensor and stock is 48MP (#4714) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

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This is my concern. I was going to upgrade to a FP4, but I would like an app optimised for the FP camera, ie, FairPhones camera app. I can understand FP not wanting it on Google Play, but why not have it on its website, so e/os users can optimise their FP4 cameras.

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The Camera application of the FP4 is based on Opemcamera.
I’m just a basic user I can not help you.

Did you reach out to fairphone developers?

Maybe here you can find the answer: FP4 - gcam-port - The Products - Fairphone Community Forum

Yes, but I got a generic reply that didn’t answer the question.

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The gallery program does not manage “Raw only” images (DNG), Impossible to display them directly after taking the photo.

PMJI, but… If you’re looking for a smartphone with a sufficient camera, you should not buy a Fairphone 4. Unfortunately, the Fairphone’s camera is one of the worst I’ve seen in the last 10 years. Even a Jolla phone from 2013 takes better pictures!

It is recommended that (if you want to use a Fairphone 4), you take photos with a separate camera again.

A Fairphone 4 with eOS certainly has many strengths. But the camera is not one of them!

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Don’t agree at all, the camera is ok.

Don’t agree too.

Camera is very well

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I don’t think it’s a question of faith. Objectively, the FP4’s camera cannot even begin to keep up with the current generation of smartphone cameras. That is true for the hardware as well as for the processing of the picture results.

Even 10, 12 years ago, the FP4’s camera would not have been competitive with the devices of the time. (Nokia 808 pureview for example).

Light intensity, sharpness, distortion, colors: The FP4’s camera takes very poor photos in all situations. even focusing a QR code is not a pleasant thing with the FP4’s optics.

The sympathy for the concept of the Fairphone should not hide the fact that this smartphone is unlikely to be an alternative for most people due to its now already outdated hardware. Coming from a OnePlus 9 Pro, as I did, you have to wonder about the FP4’s technology in some places.

Nevertheless, I like my FP4 - but I only bought it because of the preinstalled /e/OS.

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