Fairphone 4 disconnects WiFi repeatedly

Hi there! My Fairphone 4 disconnects from my home WiFi and reconnects repeatedly. When I restart the router it is stable for some hours, but then the cycle repeats. It is the only device that does so and this behaviour was introduced during the last /e/OS updates. It did not happen before. I installed around 4 updates since then and hoped that the WiFi connection would become stable at some point but this did not happen, yet. Any ideas why this happens and how to fix it?

My current OS version is 2.1-t

Thanks for any help!

Hi 2t8
I experience this from time to time too.
As workaround turning on and off airplane mode works for me.

If you try on another Wifi AP, is it the same behaviour?

When your device disconnect, are you far or near to your AP?
I had the same thing on my FP3, I’ve moved closer my AP to where I am most often.
And I had no more disconnect.