Fairphone 4 restarts itself

It’s happened a few times in the week or ten days I’ve had my phone.

Suddenly I see a black screen with an e logo and a bouncy dot, then it powers down, then restarts and prompts me for unlock pin.

It’s pretty fast, so not much bother, but it will suck if it gets more frequent or happens during phone calls.

Anyone else seeing this?


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I had this 1-2 years ago on an FP3, triggered by the modem driver crashing when being subscribed to particular mobile towers / radio tech. better to have someone with a FP4 respond, but I’d guess this is similarly a driver crashing. An indicator this being the modem is when it happens outside your house and has a location aspect


Luckily I’ve never experienced this on my /e/OS FP4. But there are similar reports for FP4 with FPOS (stock OS). Often a helpful workaround was to disable 5G. I think it’s at least worth a try.

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