Fairphone 4 screen brightness issues

I have 2 identical FP4 phones both with the latest e/OS on it.

When it is a bright day the 100% screen brightness is not bright enough to be able to see something clearly.

Now I know there is something wrong with the brightness because sometimes, and I do not know when or how, the screen is much brighter than the 100% I was referring to.

Is this a known issue with a fix?

Hi, I think I experience a similar thing with my FP4 stable version 1.12.3. Under very bright light, the screen is bright enough but when I use the camera I clearly see the brightness decrease abruptly. I have to close the phone and open it to find correct brightness again. It’s a recent problem for me, I have the FP4 since before 1.0 and I didn’t notice this.

Yes, i can confirm this on my FP4 w 1.12.3
It seems that sometims when in direct sunlight the screen dimms down actually instead of going to max brightness.

Unfortunately a known FP4 problem also affecting /e/OS. You’ll find a lot of information about it here:

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I have contributed to the thread @ff2u mentioned.
apparently FP have identified the issue and there is a fix coming in the next release


I also have a support ticket open with FP but have not heard back other than a generic response.
And even if I would have had this response.

Would that fix even benefit us FP4 e/os users? If I am not mistaken Fairphone has it’s own OS that they will be applying the fix in have they?

So I guess then it’s up to Liniage OS or e/os to also apply this fix or is there a shared upstream I am not aware of?

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