Fairphone 4 sensors not working


on my FP4 most of the sensors are not recognized at all:

It wasn’t working when I set it up roughly one year ago. Since then I have applied all updates as soon as they are available, hoping they would fix it.
I would rather not reinstall any OS, if I can avoid it, since I have no backup phone.

After I got it new, I initially flashed Ubuntu Touch to test it out, and then went straight to e/os/ from there. I feel like this might be relevant.

Does anyone know, how I could get them working again?

Yes, this is relevant.
Maybe you’ll find some help here:

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Thank’s, this was exactly what I needed and it’s working now. I did not think to check the official Fairphone Forum, kinda an oversight from me.

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Thanks for the feedback. That’s great news!