Fairphone 4 update period


I currently consider buying the Fairphone from the eSolutions Shop. There are some questions to be answered, though:

We aim to support with at least 3 years of software updates and security patches.

Why do you guarantee only 3 years of updates? Is there a third party involved that prevents you from guaranteeing more? I mean this is ridiculous. People buy a Fairphone to reduce their environmental footprint and that means they need to use it as long as it is possible. Also, what does that mean, three years? Three years from the day when I buy it, or three years from when eSolutions started selling it? Since 3 years seem to be a minimum, what is the expectancy value?

Thanks for clarifying!

I bought my Fairphone 4 with the standard Vanilla Android and if i am not mistaken, Fairphone aims to provide 6 years of security fixes but not all that time new major Android releases. However there is no guarantee that the vendor = Fairphone will do so. If nobody would buy a FP4 they need to stop the support early but if people are bying the phone like hell, they will have enough money to provide updates for years.
So if you buy a Fairphone 4 you are helping to get the support for a long time. I have done my choice and bought it, up to you to do the same :wink:
Finally Murena can only support updates as long as Fairphone will also do.

Speaking from experience across the entire Android industry I’m rather sure that it’s always from initial launch of a model, never from the day of purchase.

Why do you think that? /e/ still supports lots of phones that are no longer supported by the vendor.


Fairphone states very open and clear, how long you’ll get guarantee for example. If you buy a FP4 this year it is 5 years, in 2023 you’ll get 4 years. For me this is very clear and I like this open statement.

About Murena. I see the biggest advantage, that you’ll get eOS and the Fairphone just out of the box and have no hassle with unlocking bootloaders and the fear to brick your device. For me this is a big plus. Besides that: my crystal ball is not showing what’s happening in IT in 5 years :wink: :smile:

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Good Morning
I don’t know if I am off topic with this: I’m wondering if I’m missing an update for /e/ on my FP4. I got the latest update on Feb, 24th. (0.22-20220224165878).
Even when manually checking for updates it says there is none available. Checking I’m the download section of the website hasn’t helped either, as there are versions with letters (I can’t see letters in my version).
Thank you for your support!

Settings - About phone - Android version (tap on it) - /e/ version (can be long-tapped and copied to clipboard since Android 10) :wink: .

:grinning: thank you…


No, you’re missing none. That’s the most up-to-date stable version for FP4.

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Thank you, ff2u!

Freundliche Grüsse

Patrick Stoll

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Yesterday i got the e-0.23. So please check once more @PatrickS :grinning:

Hi Maximilian,
thank you, me too! Just haven’t had time to reply here.

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Why do you guarantee only 3 years of updates? Is there a third party involved that prevents you from guaranteeing more? I mean this is ridiculous.

Well that is a guarantee for updates and security patches. For a Phone that is strictly said from another manufacturer.

You do a lot of good buying a Fairphone and even better buying a Murena-Fairphone. From my experience the phone should be supported with updates even longer (as long as there is a lineageOS-update). There are also OTA upgrades planned for pre installed devices. All in all, this is much better than getting an unsafe phone from a major manufacturer.

I feel your rage and your pain but I think you should take the risk. I did. I am happy. :wink:

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