Fairphone 4 with Android 11 to version S of /e/

I bought a Fairphone 4, second hand. The updates go to version Android 11, 5 novembre 2022.
I used /e/ before on my older Samsung S9. I liked it, but had trouble with a Galaxy watch 4 an Galaxy Wearable app.

  1. If I install /e/ on this Fairphone 4, will it install version S? Or is that not possible because the basic system on the Fairphone is still android 11?
  2. Do you have any experience with Samsungs Wearable app, and Watch 4 on /e/ nowadays? Is it working?

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  1. That should work. It is suggested to upgrade to the latest Android stock Rom - however only up to Android 12 as Android 13 is not yet supported by eOS
  2. I have the Watch3 and it works well with my FP4. I had also a Samsung s9+ and could run the watch only with some tweeks. So I assume the Watch 4 and 5 should work also with the FP4

Thank you Ronnz98, Then I better wait till Android 12 is pushed as an update.

I think update from FP Android 11 to eOS Android 12 should work. Or you can ask in the forum for the latest Android 11 version for FP4 - it was supported a while ago but now only Android 12 is officially support. I’m sure the FP4 Android 11 version is still available here and then you can go this upgrade path

It is no problem to install /e/OS on a Fairphone with Android 11. You should only have the latest available firmware (unless it is newer than /e/OS) from Fairphone installed before installing as @ronnz98 also said. This is currently Android 11.