Fairphone 5 battery drain when idle


I’m using a fairphone 5 with /e/ on the latest version and I frequently have intense battery drains while idle during the day (10s of percent over a short time). A restart usually stops the drain and the device goes back to its usual low idle consumption.

Below an example that’s especially intense. The previous day is visible with slow ish battery consumption and then a huge drop with a gap in the data.

This is not systematic, most days I have only ~30% consumption during my workday with light use, but this is happening more and more often. Seems like there is a process that goes crazy but I have no idea what it could be.

Any idea what it could be or how to diagnose it better?



It may be worth the try to clean cache of apps that are battery-hungry (or all in case the app or process is unknown), did you try that already?
The app cachecleaner can help by automating the process. It is recommended to keep the display awake whilst the cleaner runs, caffeine helps doing so.

I tried this as a start, let’s see if it improves the situation, thanks!