Fairphone 5 Camera Access for Apps

There seem to be several apps that have trouble accessing the camera even thought permission has been granted for the app to do so.

One is Google Authenticator (I know, I have to use it for work). When trying to scan a QR code it seems to open the camera but then the picture freezes.

Another is Mull. When pressing the QR code button it does the same thing as above but then crashes out of the app

The other is Crunch Snap. Just a black screen when trying to access the camera.

Is there some other setting I need to change? I didn’t get these problems on my old phone running e/os (Fairphone 4)


You have titled this a camera access issue, but the examples you give as specific to QR code scanning (right?). Isn’t this an issue of some apps relying on the Google QR scanner?

I have a similar issue with the Dutch ING Bank app (they have switched to Google), but the government authentication app DigiD now works fine for QR codes since taking out the Google specific requirement.

I’m no expert, but perhaps this may help in delineating the issue? For what it’s worth :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I don’t think it is just related to QR code scanning as the Crunch Snap app is used to photograph receipts rather than QR codes.

Having said that the symptoms are different for each app. For Google Authenticator the image is displayed on the screen but freezes, for Mull the app crashes and for Crunch it just displays a black screen.

So maybe there are two issues