Fairphone 5 camera app

Got the Fairphone 5 and trying to get the best camera setup. I am currently using a combination of opencamera, photon camera and a gcam port. Opencamera takes terrible photos/videos unless youre in very specific well lit circumstances. The other two can be buggy in various ways i havent figured out how to smooth yet.
I want something that is going to take the best quality photos/videos with minimal bug potential so i can quicly film unexpected things happening around me.

I was wondering if there is any way to get the stock FP5 camera on eos? Would that be bug free or would there be dependencies missing in eos that makes it as unreliable as photon and gcam? I bought my FP5 from murena so cant extract the apk from an original stock rom install.

The key to OpenCamera (which is the mother of the /e/ camera app) is to switch on the noise reduction algorithm. At last the /e/ stock app comes with switched off noise reduction which is crap. This gives terrible grainy pictures. But even if you use one of the three noise reduction levels it gets not really better. The noise reduction algorithm causes a blurriness which is after all also a reduced quality. Another thing comes on top: the algorithm which draws sharp edges into the picture. You can play a lot with these settings, a good configuration for all light conditions is hard to achieve.

You could also try FreeDCam. Tends a bit to darkness by default, it’s a good idea to brighten the picture (lengthen the shutter speed) a bit.

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I am also looking for an acceptable camera app for the Fairphone 5. Unfortunately, the OpenCamera is not at all convincing.
Does anyone know of a GCam port, for example, that runs satisfactorily on the FP5? If so, with which profile settings?

We had several threads here about GCam. One of the latest was this one. You could try one of the ports by downloading and installing the APK.

Not sure if this runs well on an FP5, so you could be one of the first to test it.

I already tested several versions out of these. But none of them worked sufficiently

OK, this is one possible test result.

Hey! I get the camera struggle on the Fairphone 5 – Opencamera, Photon Camera, and GCam ports have their quirks. Integrating the stock Fairphone 5 camera on EOS might be tricky due to potential missing dependencies or optimizations. Check the Fairphone community forums for custom ROM camera recommendations tailored for EOS. While tinkering with OpenCamera settings for various lighting conditions could help, have you considered LokLok for a fun lock screen doodling experience?