Fairphone 5, no battery charge

Hello team,

I own a fairphone 5 and flash to 1.16 (not sure) then was able to update via ota to 1.18.

I am slowly moving my apps and data from my old phone to this device and discover that my fairphone does not charge when plugged with my huawei p30 pro charger or when directly connected to a laptop.

I have the following info when looking at the battery settings (in french, but can be translated to : connected, but not charging)

Other fairphone user on /e/ with the same behavior ?

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Try another charger (borrow one, just to check). Fairphones are challenging.

If a laptop will do the job is questionable, sometimes USB sockets have not enough current for charging.

It could be, before updating to 1.18 I was able to charge my device.

Yes, hardware failure can occure, but since this update, It’s odd to me

Yes, but theoretical it could be that the FP5 now on 1.18 is consuming half a percent more energy than earlier and that this is the reason why the charger now says, no, I can’t anymore. Not likely but possible.

Test: switch your FP5 completely off and then try to charge. This should subtract the energy consumption of the device from the power the charger must provide.

I just order the official charger.

I also try to plug when off, it automatically start up to the desktop.

No problem at all with charging my FP5 on 1.18.
So I agree, first things I’d try would also be different charger and different USB cable.

I just received my official charger with another usb cable and my phone is charging (Yeeees !).

Let’s monitor this behavior for the coming day.

(still strange with a Huawei Charger, slow charge can’t be performed).


The charger has probably not enough electrical power. Understand this right: the voltage will be OK but the charger can’t provide enough current for your FP5. When this is detected by the charging control on the device a charging process doesn’t even start.

But this doesn’t mean that this charger is broken. It’s probably still usable for other (less demanding) purposes.

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My new FP5 (received last week) with /e/ is a bit strange when it comes to charging.
On my

  • MacbookPro charger (60W) it works fine (usb-c <=> usb-c).
  • 30 W usb hub with
    – usb-c <=> usb-c → Won’t charge
    – usb-a <=> usb-c → charges
  • Asus Laptop
    – usb-c <=> usb-c → Won’t charge

In the above mentioned situations when it is not charging then the situation is:

  • I plug the FP-5 via usb-c cable into the charger
  • about 10 seconds later the FP-5 tells me that it has detected liquids in the charging port and won’t charge (obviously no liquids are involved)

I tried it with different cables, nothing changes.