Fairphone data corrupted after disassembly


Fairphon 4 5G
/e/ OS Version 1.13
Bootloader unlocked
Opened for cleaning, then reassembeled, now data is corrupted and phone is stuck in bootloop. :frowning:
Booted into recovery, did a “factory reset”, still bootloop.
Should i reinstall the OS? Link to guide?

I am new to the forum :wave: I am paranoid about being surveyed without my consent and my data being collected and auctioned off to people i don’t know. I also don’t have the time and resources to do more about that than worry a lot and choose another OS. Now i have a problem with said OS.

I wrote a lengthy post what happened that on the Fairphone-forum:

Could you please give a noob directions? I think i need to reinstall e/ but i am unsure. Also i know there is on that somewhere but i can’t seem to find it anywhere.

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Hi @Schwabi welcome to the /e/ forum.

To find such a page you start from Supported devices then search for your device Fairphone FP4 – Guides.

You say you already did a “factory reset” so there is no data to loose, so taking the route of an install as if from new seems a reasonable option.

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