Fairphone models - availability

Happy Murena customer here. Thank you!!

/e/ OS on an Fairphone 4 in the USA with T-Mobile works VERY well. I want another one, but the 8GB models are sold out! Are you going to sell more of these?

Or, are you going to sell the Fairphone 5 in my country soon?

Best, -Adam

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Usually it takes about 2 weeks to restock. This would also depend on the quantity required to restock. For new devices like the FP5 it would take slightly more time. Let me check on the FP4 8 GB models and get back.
The team has placed orders to replenish the stocks. It would include the 8 and 6 GB models. You can place your orders in case not already done. The team will inform you once the stocks are back and they start sending them out.


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