Fairphone red-ish screen after last update


After last update (released a few days ago), my fairphone starts with:

  • android + fairphone logo (all normal)
  • e logo bouncing (all normal)
  • background shows up (like the launched is starting or something)
  • SIM pin input screen shows up and fade to red (font, numbers and all are red)
  • I can input numbers but the buttons to validate are not appearing

Any ideas as to why and how I can fix this?

OK I found out:

  • I started my phone without the SIM card
  • I was able to log in with my PIN
  • The LiveDisplay was set, I disabled it in the notification tray
  • Restarted with my SIM, everything is back to normal

How to report this bug?

Pl check this guide


It seems to have been reported already, thanks