Fairphone shipping costs way too high at the official /e/ shop


Not sure if the forum is the right place to write this, but since I did not find a contact mail, I will try here:

I really would like to support this cause and therefore wanted to order a fairphone 3 through the official shop (esolutions.shop) unfortunately the shipping costs to Germany are 23,30€! On the fairphone site itself shipping is only 7,31 €. I don’t mind spending more money for my phone to support this project, but I don’t see the point in subsidizing UPS. So therefore I decided to buy at fairphone.com and donate the difference to the project. I hope that nevertheless fairphone will continue officially supporting /e/ even though people buy from fairphone.com rather than from /e/ itself.

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Well, there’s a small incentive to buy from /e/, it’s not as if it makes no difference where you buy…
Users who buy directly from /e/ get the “stable” release channel on their phones, which got tested before in the form of “dev” releases, which are running on the phones of the users who installed /e/ themselves.

Hi, welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback and donation !

UPS was chosen because it was the best value for money option.

I bought my FP3 from /e/ and then received the bonus headphones from Fairphone. I was surprised to see a shipment from Amazon that I hadn’t expected, but it turned out that Fairphone was using Amazon for fulfillment. The headphones did have Fairphone branding.

I’m not a fan of Amazon as a company, but they are unbeatable when it comes to fulfillment, at least in the US and Europe. Something to look into, maybe?

I should add that Amazon uses the post office for shipments to Sweden, which I strongly prefer. My experience with DHL is pretty good also, but Schenker and UPS are awful.

Ah, thats good to know! Is it possible to buy that version somehow?

The stable release channel of the OS? It just comes with the phones sold by /e/ for now.
But @Manoj … paid access to the stable channel doesn’t sound like a bad idea?

I have some issues with this. If you don’t buy from /e/ you are ‘forced’ to join the test team, as you must install the dev version. Why not let people choose, some might prefer the stable channel. It is not impossible to get the stable version anyway :thinking: Of course /e/ needs fuel in the form of $$, just be open about it, people will donate.

If there was a comfortable and easy way to get the stable release on my fairphone 3 with support I would gladly pay for it! Just my 2 cents here…

I’m not saying you should do it. A purely theoretical thing (after you have donated something): If you look at some version numbers of stable in the bug tracker and also the download links of the dev version. You might be able to think and combine them a bit and maybe you will get a stable .zip file.

You can also donate by IBAN without any problems if you write an email to contact@e.email

I just came across this thread and checked shipping costs to my location (Portugal) - 41,33€ is the cheapest option!
I’d still be okay with paying 23€ but 41€ for sending a phone? Sorry but that’s definitely not the best value for money option…

Yes, I had the same problem… I checked for Gigaset Gs290, and found out that shipping costs to Spain are 48€ the cheapest:

I paid like 20 or something when I bought the FP3, but I can’t find any justification or “best value for money option” reason to charge almost 50€ for a shipping @Anonyme