Fairphone software updates

Will Fairphone software updates be available to Murena supplied Fairphones, (tweaks to camera software etc), or will we have to wait for e/os updates?


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FP is releasing updates for their OS.
/e/ is releasing updates for their OS.

If you buy a Murena FP4, you will get it with /e/OS and also the updates for /e/OS, not the FP updates.


You will have to be a bit more specific.

You will not receive Fairphone OS camera software updates, because /e/OS simply doesn’t use the Fairphone OS camera App.

However, /e/OS developers should be able to e.g. import significant Qualcomm firmware updates into /e/OS once Fairphone incorporated them into Fairphone OS, at least it went this way in the past.

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That’s a shame, especially when they are working together.

From what I hear, the cameras at present aren’t marvelous, but a future update will improve. Its a shame if e/os don’t use the Fairphone camera app that will be optimised for this model. Maybe Fairphone will release a stand alone app on F-Droid, I will contact them.