Fairphone3 don' start and charge


I am a bit new using Fairphone phone and I would like to know if a forum is a good place to discuss my problem or if I should contact more technical team.

My Fairphone3 doesn’t respond to anything, start charge.

Can someone help me to start finding the info I need to start again my phone ?

Thanks !

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  • Switch the device off,
  • remove the case back,
  • take the accu out,
  • count to 10,
  • put the accu in again and then
  • charge.

If you let the device accu discharge very deep (under 5% or so) it can happen that an FP3 won’t charge again. Then you can do this procedure. Better is not to let it come so far. Charge normally when you have 20%, then you have a reserve if you can’t.


Thank you @irrlicht

I already took the battery out and tried but nothing happen :frowning:

Next option would be: Try another charger. And another cable.


How about vibration and LED when you connect the FP3 to charge? Does any of these two show activity?

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If all else fails, you might want to establish where you bought the phone and whether it still is covered by warranty.
The Fairphone forum has some mentions of sudden deaths which in the end could be fixed by Fairphone’s repair center swapping the Core module, but without being covered by warranty that is very expensive, since it’s the central unit making “the phone”.

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no vibration no led unfortunatly :frowning:

Do you know somebody with a Fairphone 3? Then you would be able to test your phone with another battery.
Perhaps a Fairphone Angel is nearby.

Last week someone with a Fairphone 3 and a not working battery can to me. I diagnosed that there was nothing wrong with the battery, but the bottom module was broken.
With my own Fairphone 3 battery I could start her phone.

I tried yes with another battery but nothing happen…
Reading your message that last week, i bought a bottom module but nothing happen…
I am without my fairphone for too long time… :frowning:

Did you once try another charger and cable? The FP3 requires a stronger charger than other phones. And the fact that you don’t get one when you buy it leads to the situation that you just use what you have and that may sometimes not be the best option. Indeed I smashed the safety fuse while charging my FP3 in the cigarette lighter of my car.

It does not, in general. But the choice of charger and cable is indeed important. https://forum.fairphone.com/t/charging-speed-problems-use-usb-if-certified-cables/54816

I tried with differents charger and cable , and usually I use the fairphone charger.
I don’t think this option will help me unfortunatly.