Fairphone3 : Latency and dark screen

Hi there,

I notice that my phone display the loading circle for every move like open an app, switching between app. It seem to be since the last update.
I also found that the display turn black sometime. It seems to turn into sleep mode and need a hard reboot.
Anyone facing this problems ?


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I notice that when switching between tasks/apps, it often takes a few moments until I can use it – until then it might stay black (not the complete screen, just the main part of the app) or frozen. So far I suspected though that it’s because I permanently have energy saving mode activated. I am not sure whether or not it worsened since the most recent update.

I think I didn’t get to see the loading circle in these situations though.

I guess you are already keeping an eye on your storage use? (not letting it become too full)


Thank you for your feedback @urs_lesse :ok_hand:

I am not concern by your feedback but I try to give more power and cut the battery manager to see the result