Fake unroot to get all apps working

I step on something I don’t grasp fully.
There are two main reasons why some apps, like banking, don’t work:SaftyNet and root. All ‘dev’ /e/ builds are rooted, while passing SaftyNet. That is , you can enable adb root if you want. This is due to ro.debuggable=1 setting in build.prop file.
So to make some banking app working I changed ro.debuggable to zero expecting, if works, to loose root access. I was afraid that due to change safty net may fail so i took extra step to change build.prop modification date and time to default one.
As without adb root I can not go back.
Result: RootBeer finally finds my MiA1 device not routed, all apps are working fine (although i never used google account on /e/ os.) But also I STILL have root access? After reboot or shutdown situation is the same. It is great but question is why I still have root access and it is undetectable without any extra sw. And if so, why this is not default for /e/ os? Full compatibility at no cost?Thx!

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Rooted debugging is not the same as being rooted such as when using Magisk, SuperSU, Lineage su, etc.
So ‘dev’ builds are not rooted in the normal sense which is why you did not loose ‘root access’.
Apps that need root won’t work because you are not nor have been rooted.

By the by, a third reason some banking and other apps won’t work is because of unlocked bootloader. Sometimes that is reported as a rooted device.

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Thanks. Although, yes , apps which need root wont work without magisk or su to give them rights I can still achieve everything I need via adb.I can remount into rw and change system including system app.Actually I used this to correct code errors in seedvault to make backup working. This is pure root access and rootbear and apps treated this right. Question remains, if ro.debuggable is zero why I still have adb root access? And why if this is expected this is not default setting in /e/ os? Comptibility for average user is boosted at no cost.Thx

/e/os-1.15 Solved! Root beer is passing by default as SaftyNet. Excellent!

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