Fastboot error Failed remote '' motorola G7 power

Hello! I have a Motorola G7 power and i’m currently trying to install lineage 18.1 and micro G packages.
I’ve gotten the phone to read “flashing_unlocked” in fastboot mode. I believe this is now unlocked.
The phone being in fastboot mode, when I type fastboot boot twrp-3.5.2_10-0-river.img
-I drag and drop the img file- I hit enter and it says
Sending boot.img OKAY
Booting Failed (remote: ‘’)
fastboot error command failed.

I try the command fastboot flash boot twrp-3.5.2_10-0-river.img
I get this-
Sending ‘boot_a’ OKAY
Writing ‘boot_a’ (bootloader) image not signed or corrput

I have a lake version of the .img i dont know what the difference is but i’ve tried installing that as well. Also the TWRP and just but themselves to no availe.

The phone is A/B partition, which i’ve read can sometimes have issues with knowing which partition you’re flashing towards. Google has nothing, youtube has nothing.

I’d seriously appreciate it if someone could help me out. Thanks!

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You can flash with océan version and not river version

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It doesn’t make any difference whether it’s or or river.img or lake.img

Hi @Optic, I do not have experience of such A/B devices :blush: but the Fairphone 4 is such! There have been several requests for help on this subject - one suggestion from the middle of the thread Fairphone - FP4 - FP4 - Documentation Suggestions - #30 by AnotherElk

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As @aibd linked to, in fastboot mode you can run fastboot getvar current-slot to find out.
But if you specify the partition with _a or _b at the end anyway, this doesn’t really matter for the flashing process, because with _a or _b you are already telling fastboot exactly to which slot it should flash the image.

  1. For a Motorola G7 Power the device codename is ocean, not river.

  2. The LineageOS installation instructions assume you are using the Lineage recovery given in the instructions.
    Since the appearance of A/B devices installing TWRP works differently on different devices, so the instructions saying “Temporarily flash a recovery on your device” don’t apply to TWRP on your device.
    Blame the instructions, they should just follow through with the Lineage recovery and not be ambiguous at this point with “a custom recovery” and “you can”.

You can either install TWRP the correct way for your device (see or use the Lineage recovery to install LineageOS.

I suggest going with the Lineage recovery, because in case installing with TWRP fails (nowadays depending on the device installing LineageOS with TWRP might work, or not, they have a Lineage recovery for reasons), you will have to use the Lineage recovery anyway.

(Disclaimer: I don’t have your device.)


You were correct thank you!

Thank you so much to you guys for getting back to me. Sorry for the late reply i’ve been insanely busy the last couple days. The issue was I was trying to flash TWRP with the wrong.img file. It was indeed the TWRP-ocean.img I needed not the river or lake. Just me being a noob but hey it works. I found out that Lineage 18.1 has a discoloration glitch for the Moto phones. I just reflashed stock os and locked the bootloader. I’m having issues on trying to get rid of the yellow icon “Your phone has uploaded a different operating system” ID: Bad KEY" screen off my phone each time i power it on, even though it boots normally into stock android. I’m gonna resell it on craigslist. Any idea how to get that yellow warning icon screen off?

A nice solution is provided by @tcecyk here [HOWTO] Moto: replace the startup screen warning and features in issue #2980

So i took a look at the link and I can give it a shot. I don’t know if it will work on the G7 power or not. Other thing is i dont even want the start up screen warning even there… I’m tryna make it gone like default so i can sell it.

I think that with Moto G7 Power the most tricky part is this division to slot a and slot b. I got confused with them, as once logs in slot a and the other time slot b :confused: Which slot should contain os itself? I assume that not both, but maybe I am wrong :thinking:

A/B (Seamless) System Updates for AOSP is all explained in that link. In this link users who experimented and won explain Can someone help explain the Slot A and Slot B stuff in TWRP? | XDA Forums.