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I own a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with /e/OS 1.12.3-q-202306… and Android 10.

Recently I was in a situation to search my phone and expected that it has been stolen. In between I have it back, but I wonder if I can use something like ‘Samsung Smarthings Find/Find my mobile’ with my e-device. I wish I could locate my device from remote and in case of being stolen to reset it.
Any suggestion how best to achieve this?

Thank you in advance.

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Here’s what I use:

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Thank you for the hint regarding FMD. I will give it a try.
But there is a few FMD apps in the repositories. Which one relates to your link?

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it will not work on pixel 5. Can we please have one made by eOS?

FindMyDevice is the name (no spaces). I see only one available via F-Droid and App Lounge.

Search the forum to find recent discussions.

Why would FMD not work on a Pixel? I’m sure if that was the case it would be mentioned at the FMD Git.
More info please.

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Works fine on my wife’s Pixel 5 with /e/OS 1.13

If you are on Linux there’s also “KDE connect”.

Useful when your phone has slipped somewhere in the sofa or forgotten in some pocket.

Not when really lost away from the PC


In between I installed and tested Nulide’s FMD: works pretty well with my device!

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