[FEATURE PROPOSAL] 2 additional ideas for /e/'s app store

According to its design, I don’t see how it could be federated.
Hopefully it should not be federated to keep its highest security without being tainted by others IM.

federation does not have to imply less security, imo. Individual instances could opt (or not) to federate with others, so if an instance would want to stay stand-alone, without any connection to others, that would be possible. It’s more about creating the possibilities for federation for those who want to, and offering that choice to consumers, imo.

Hi @ralxx,

for the suggestions from /e/ with only 10-15 apps, that would mean that you would need to refresh the list at least quaterly/bi-quaterly in order to promote the last best apps or even new apps.

I think also to one stuff.
Would it be possible to mark the apps which are gotten directly from the editor of the app? For example, if the /e/ store get OSMAnd directlty from their repo with their agreement, that could be marked with a symbol. Thus, /e/ store could be step by step an “official” option to download any apps and in particular the apps #privacybydesign &/or #opensource (Olvid, K9-Mail, Signal, and so many other ones…)

I tried to go on the git links you provided but I get a 404 error…