[FEATURE PROPOSAL] 2 additional ideas for /e/'s app store

I am thinking about 2 additional features in /e/'s app store. Before putting them on GIT, I wanted to check out what your opinion is.

1 - Adding an app category with suggestions from /e/
The varietey of apps offered in APPS is already overwhelming. I think it could be very helpful to have in the categories section of the app store a section that is curated by /e/ and featuring a small selection of apps that offer potentially a high added value to the /e/ user - either apps with a security focus (features that are not included in /e/ yet or with some other very useful feature) (see pic 1). This category could contain for example an ad-blocker. This section could enable new users easily to identify ‘really important’ apps with only a few clicks.
My idea would be to have 10 or 15 apps max in this section.
For now I am thinking about: Blokada, Exodus Privacy, SnoopSnitch, Librechair, Conversations, DeltaChat, Riot.im and maybe GadgetBridge and OpenPods.

2 - Featuring F-Droid
For a long time (that’s my impression) F-Droid was just a niche app store, I realise more and more F-Droid is becoming a brand, a widely recognized source of trusted software for Android-based smartphones. F-Doid has strict but transparent roules under what conditions apps are accepted in their store.
So, I was wondering, why not giving a bit more visibility to apps sourced from F-Droid within /e/. So why not highlighting in the search results and listings of the /e/-app store when apps are taken from F-Droid - with a little icon for example (see pic2). Ideally, there would be a option to tick to filter exclusively F-Droid apps to be seen in the /e/-app store. We had alreay a similar suggestions to be able to filter FOSS apps in a revised version of APPS, but in the meanwhile I believe I’d favour a F-Droid filter over FOSS filter.
This would on the one hand esteem the work of the F-Droid team and on the other hand increase the credibilty of the relatively young APPS store.


Great ideas, I’d be for both of them!. Also a ‘saved’ or app ‘wishlist’ could be another suggestion.

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Thank you, please put them on GIT!!! :kissing_heart:

Hi @b3pio, could you pls specify ‘saved’ and ‘wishlist’. What do you imagine more precisely?

Like on Goolag Play where you can save a personal list of some apps you’re interested in but don’t want to install straight away.


Very good idea if it’s stay easy for mainstream users
1/ But we will probably discuss a lot about this short list. Blokada (maybe. I’ll prefer DNSfilter & nice alternative setup here https://sebsauvage.net/wiki/doku.php?id=dnsfilter), Exodus Privacy (maybe. It’s more for learning than directly useful), SnoopSnitch (maybe), Librechair (can’t install it, but we definitively need a alternative to Bliss Laucher), Conversations and/or DeltaChat and/or Riot.im (we really need to push up a alternative to WhatsApp & working also for Iphones, not the case for QKSMS) , GadgetBridge (definitively Yes) and OpenPods (no).
2/ Yes, we need to make alliance with projects which have similar aims (even if F-Droid is sometimes difficult to reach)


Thanks for DNSfilter. As messenger Jami also works for Iphones well, for Linux obviously too as a GNU project.


Thanks for Jami. It seems in the way for being the real one that we need (I’m trying to convince friends to leave WhatsApp).
But for the moment, an important restriction: not yet any group messages https://git.jami.net/savoirfairelinux/ring-project/issues/524

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Yes please do! Item 1 has been my main complaint about the Apps store from the beginning. How does Apps encourage the use of privacy focused apps?

I love the Fdroid idea. One difficulty with using fdroid is for finding apps that are not in the default repositories you need to add those repos manually. Maybe those could be included in Apps, the repo for the download location is automatically included with the app information and used as a download source. One I can think of off the top of my head is Briar.


When I was suggesting this I did not think properly what could be the 10 to 15 apps featured in this /e/ category. Pls help to provide some more categories and/or specific apps that could be featured in this place.

  • Ad-blocking (such as Blokada, ideally v3)
  • Alternative Launchers (such as Trebuchet or Librechair - personnally I’d prefer Trebuchet as it is not overwhelming from the number of features and suits better to /e/'s target users). An alternative o Bliss seems to be important for all those who really do not want to use Bliss.
  • Chat/Messenging apps (Riot.im, Riot X, Signal, Telegram, Telegram XDeltaChat, Conversations, Jami). Here’s I’d put several options to provide a variety of alternatives to WhatsApp users.
  • Gadget connectors (such as GadgetBridge, OpenPods)
  • Backup
  • Time Mmnt/Parental Control (OpenTimeLimit)
  • Other (Exodus Privacy, SnoopSnitch)

Question: Btw do you think VPN should be mentioned in this cat? And if yes, in what way (in order not to promote a single provider)?


Yes, they are working on group chat, I suppose video group can be already used on Jami though.
For the e store I forgot to mention an idea: When I look for something, it would be nice to have apps with a good rating higher (and all the apps with lots of trackers lower).
@ralxx I’d say WireGuard should be mentioned as a vpn app. Not sure about provider apps.

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One more suggestion.
Every app has its own life, beeing mantained regulary or not; an indicator based on the distribution of commits of sourcecode may give an indication of health of the app. F-droid gives just an indication over the last time an app was updated.
As an idea over the above suggestion, have a look on extensions for LibreOffice.


Hi @DiegoM, great idea. But it goes quite a bit beyond mines. Why don’t you post it yourself directly on Git?

Thanks to all contributors. I posted the 2 suggestions now on GIT

https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/apps/apps/issues/66 and

Please feel free to further reply here and directly in GIT.

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