[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Add "copy to clipboard" option in share-menu

It would be good to add “Copy to clipboard” option on Share menu, as it’s done in some stock-ROMs.

This way user will be able to copy to clipboard when needed, for example after taping the share icon (:link:) to copy the post-link in Discourse.

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Indeed I would also use this feature. For now I share to Signal and then I copy the link.

For Discourse, click on the timestamp of a post (top right) to be able to copy the link.

You can request this feature on the gitlab.

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This could be useful for users not sure how much extra development effort this would involve :slight_smile:
You can raise this issue here mark it as a feature request and I can then label it accordingly. Feature requests usually take a long time to implement as they would require some internal code changes.

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I figure in the meantime one can use something like the ‘Share to Clipboard’ app. One of those install-on-every-rom items that I feel I’ve been using forever. Available via F-Droid, Aurora/Play Store, and /e/ Apps.

Me thinks it would be easier to have it bundled with future /e/ builds than to code in that particular functionality.

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Shared with Copy to clipboard: https://f-droid.org/packages/com.tengu.sharetoclipboard

Thanks :yum:

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to link your gitlab issue back here…

a general purpose clipboard share has utility