[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Add possibility for removing default bloatware

This Android is only needed to install some necessary apps like banking, payment and ItsMe, (in my country only available for Android and I-Phone, for other OS’s these kind of apps exist only in Scandinavian countries as far as I know) and of course it has to be a phone.
I need all the other space to install a Linux inside this Android, an everything I can do in Linux is bloatware in Android, so most default applications in /e/ are bloatware to me. Disabled most of 'm. Recently a new app appeared after an update: Message. It can’t be disabled.
I want to be able to remove most default apps, possibility to do so was announced in 2018. Still waiting, this becomes urgent, because I really believe android is a crappy OS…

I only have a mobile phone because it is needed. Unfortunately I’m living in an obsolete country so there is only the choice between a few crappy operating systems for banking and government apps.

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As far as I know, the ability to delete default apps will be available with the V1, this summer.
(Tell me if I’m wrong)

Do you have any usefull link for installing Linux inside Android?

Here is an apk that should please you: https://f-droid.org/fr/packages/tech.ula/
UserLand is free and opensource, you have to install a vnc and then you have access to Ubuntu (xfce), Debian, kaly, Arch or just to desktop applications such as GIMP, libreoffice etc …

Thanks !
It seems much more efficient that the way I’ve tried (with root to do after every /
e/ update)

So far I am not able to remove any of the default apps (January 2021)

If you need a phone trully only for few apps you should run them inside a VM with Android x86, it work pretty well inside KVM.