[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Add search through the "nickname" field of contacts

Apparently when I search the nickname of my beloved one (or someone else’s), it do not appear on searching.

Am I misdoing something ?

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Works for me, with a clean install and all contacts from a *.vcf file.

Perhaps have a look to
Contacts > 3 dots > Contacts to show (first entry) then
Contacts > 3 dots > Settings entry ‘Name/nickname’ etc.

Good luck.

Thnaks, trefix.

Contacts > 3 dots > Contacts to show (first entry)

In my Samsung S8 (0.9-2020062560240) I can’t find the entry you mention above in any of the three panes I see on contacts: favorites, last calls and all contacts.

Could it be because I have my contacts on a WebDAV server ?

‘3 dots’ is the main access to Settings, from Contacts page (top, right).

For WebDAV server, sorry, I don’t use/know…

Yes, sure. Under the three dots on the right I can’t find Contacts to show

My /e/ is a ‘nougat’ flavour… Is there an e-pie girl/boy here to help, please ?

I’ve found another feature/bug.

If there’no telephone number, the contact is not searchable. If you keep some snail mail contacts, with address only, he/she’s no longer easily retrievable

A workaround is to insert a single figure (0?) in the phone field.

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