[FEATURE PROPOSAL] An /e/ button - as easy access to security related features

I would like to share a thought. Apart from the launcher there is no sign to allow an /e/ ROM to be distinguished from other Android ROMs. You need to dig deep into the system to have that visibility. Although, I am rather not a big fan of branding, I believe it would be good to have a tiny bit more /e/ visibility on the phone - maybe with an ‘/e/settings’ symbol just on the desktop or in the quick settings pulldown menu (as a little /e/ button next to the ‘official’ settings button.

Let me explain you why:

  • Easy entry point.** An /e/ button could be a shortcut to security related issues on the phone. For many future /e/ users the installation of the system or the purchase of an /e/ phone will be just a very first step on their journey dealing with and learning about security related issues. Therefore it would be good to have a straight and easy to reach central entry point on the device.

  • Access security features. It could a good place to easily switch on/off security features such as VPN, ad-/tracking blockers, etc.

  • Statistics. To have easy access to security related statistics and mobile data usage.

  • Learning & Information. The /e/ menu could be an entry point to the /e/ website, relevant blogs and maybe later on a section with a highlighted feature or a new app (s.th. like once or twice per month). All this in order to help users to increase step-by-step their knowledge and awareness on security issues.

  • How to explain /e/ yourself. I am sure there are lots of people interested in a privacy respecting mobile phone system. I believe people who decide to use that are potential multipliers to tell about /e/. But I believe as well that many future users would not be capable to explain easily what /e/ actually is and does. So why not providing an easily accessible place on the phone with explanations in a simple language (something like: /e/ in 2 sentences. And: /e/ in five bullet points).

What do you think?


Hi @ralxx, thank you for contributing to the improvement of /e/ by sharing your thought .

One of the /e/ goal is to be a unique OS, with unique features, design etc in order not to be a simple LineageOS fork. Of course it needs time but one day we will get there.

About the “/e/ application” or “/e/ control center”, I agree that an /e/ application pre installed with detailed articles made by the /e/ team (or not) about all the aspects of privacy in order to inform people is a must have. It could show people why that specific setting is important and help them to understand what they are using.

It could have a “News” section with latest articles about security, data leak, e foundation projects etc made by the /e/ team, a “HowTo” section with basic tutorials and explanations of all settings, and why not a shortcut section with shortcuts of all privacy and security settings.

It could definitely be an easy, non intrusive and understandable app for every users.

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great idea, i support this!

I gradually come to the conclusion that the things we want from the /e/ are the same things that LineageOS developers have not performed to a logical perfection. This particular case reminded me of LOS’s “Trust” interface, which is probably based on the same idea, but in much less comprehensive way.

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