[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Block hidden/private number calls

Hi there,

It would be great if there was a possibility to block incoming calls from hidden/private numbers. They are so annoying and I never take them (if someone wants to talk to me, I would like to know who it is or at least see the number).


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I use so called call blockers for ten years. The problem is to find a good one - most of them are spys in your pocket.

F-Droid has an app called “Yet another call blocker” which allows several modes of blocking. OK, simple Blacklisting is not really what I want, I rather want that once for all only numbers come through which are listed in my contacts, but it works.

@irrlicht Did you see https://gitlab.com/xynngh/YetAnotherCallBlocker/-/issues/2? The dev implies it should be supported in 0.4.11 or using https://gitlab.com/bitfireAT/NoPhoneSpam.

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Thanks a lot for this! I searched a long time, didn’t find that app. This is what I want.

Personally this feature is offered by my carrier (Free Mobile) and in my personal account I can block unknown caller.

The current implementation allows you to block calls by

long pressing on the number in your call log.

Hi Manoj, this only works with “normal” calls, where the numbers appear. With private numbers, if you long press, the only possibility displayed is “call details”.

Thanks, I’ll try the app

Works great.