[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Bring back Blackberry Blend Features

Hi e community!.

I´ve been using the /e os for a couple of weeks and since then its my daily os on my samsung phone. Up to December 19 i used a blackberry passport and suddently fails and in my city there´s no official support (i don´t know if still exist) or a confident place to repair it.

The app i used to connect my passport with my pc was blackberry blend; because this particular feature on blackberry, was like mirror the phone but with a desktop interface in the pc and also all the features were “contained” on the app without the requirement to connect two or three services or apps to get what i need. it was just my phone and my laptop and anything else.

As you maybe know blend is unsopported and the “EOL” was like three years ago. Blackberry left too many work on the table for new versions that people on blackberry forums ask since the release of the service like the tasks or notes within the app.

I think this would be a good feature in the /e ecosystem for be align with the purpose of keep privacy; also many of the features that actually have or are looking for to improve the /e os, are indirecty related to the same purpose.

As a logical alternative i´m familiar with all the mainly cloud and local sync options available for linux, mac and windows (from the point of view of user not admin or IT) but none of them has the level of privacy (just phone and pc with a usb cable), ease to use and all in one place like this app, at least for what i know.

Also exist alternatives like the phone app on windows or airdroid but i really have zero trust on using it.

Today i´m trying to emulate the blend features with your nextcloud service, my configuration is Samsung S6 with /e os, my account with sync activated and Debian 10 with ICE SSB to create a webapp to use the web interface of nextcloud, KDE connect to notifications. Still missing the phone to make calls directly from pc, a messenger and a webclient for the rest of the emails i use.

This is the closest way a figure out to get what i need, as a project i´m trying to host nextcloud to my server but even with this still need a server and wifi connections to get it.

To summarize my desirable feature would be an application to view my phone on my pc and working on it (calls, notifications, email, notes, tasks, contacts, files, documents, photos and messages) just with a usb, no servers or cloud, and not a tool for sync or back up but instead to have a live use. all in one app without use external or third options and without the extreme to use a total desktop os like the Samsung DEX or Maru OS. Just an app pure and simple.

I apologize for the extense of my post and perhaps grammar horrors, its no my natal language.

Thanks for the time to read it and i hope this proposal is useful.

Kind Regards.

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As much as I like what you’re saying and know how you feel about your passport, passport is a too old device it doesn’t work with modern https and such, but as an email/productivity device, it was amaizing.
Several app tries to reproduce such thing as Blackberry Blend:

Airdroid being the one everybody knows, but you can look for alternative…
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