[Feature proposal] camera shortcut in lock screen

Hello !

A friend and I both have devices running /e/Q, and noticed that there is no way to launch the camera app from the lock screen.

The feature would be as follows :

On classic Android, it was a camera icon at the bottom right of the screen. This allows to take pictures quickly and easily without having to unlock the smartphone. The picture(s) taken can then be displayed, while the rest of the gallery is not accessible as the phone is locked.

Apologies if this was already requested, I searched the forum but could not find anything related to this topic.

Thank you so much for all your work making a privacy-conscious ROM a reality !

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If I push the power button twice fast it open my camera. Maybe it is similar for you.


I did not know about this, thank you :smiley:

Still, I think a shortcut icon would be a great feature, which I hope will be implemented one day.

You can also add/activate the Camera symbol to the status bar, which is accessible even from locked screen.

Thanks for the tipp with double-click on power butten, hadn’t known that one :grinning:

Hi, if it’s that I think, so you can already do it through Settings -> Security and Privacy -> Lock screen settings -> Modify shortcuts -> Left or Right -> Select what’s you want (in your case, camera app). Then, check in the bottom corner on your lock screen.