[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Change default app to simple mobile tools

I think e.foundation should swap to simple mobile tools https://simplemobiletools.com/
because the default apps for calendar, contacts, gallery and so an doesn’t have all needed options and every apps does have his own screen layout. All simple apps does have the same screen layout, a lot of features and they are simle to use. And for mom and dads and grannys it would be easier when each app does have the same screen layout.

What are you meaning ??


Hello harvey, it’s a good suggestion. I don’t know if e.foundation has to swipe to simple mobile tools but I think that a standardization is required between the default app (calendar, galery…).


I’ve tested them, all those apps are very good I want them in /e/, but Simple Camera which barely works. Thank you for the sharing :slight_smile:

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I once setup a ROM where I replaced all the default apps with their Simple Mobile Tools equivalents. It worked out pretty well except for Calendar. Calendar doesn’t (or didn’t at the time) display events that went over midnight. I work at night so that was a crucial need. The dev told me it was by design. Not good so I went with Etar instead. That one omission broke my all-SMT environment I wanted. Don’t know if things have changed since then.

But anyway I think it’s a nice idea to use SMT. I think there’s about a dozen apps in the collection which are all capable.

These kind of events are shown on top of both days like full-day-events. That’s not the best solution, I know

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The apps are good but I’d stick to Open Camera, Musicolet, and Amaze for the Camera, Music Player, and File Manager Apps respectively as those 3 apps have way more features and at least the first and third ones are open-source (at least Musicolet only asks for file permissions; no internet permissions = no ads).

so licencse is MIT for SMT

may not rebranding

I did not know those apps, I got one of them suggested in response to one of my post (Calendar : any offline option?), but I am willing to try them … are they OK for privacy?

Thank you!

Yes, they are FOSS apps and you can trust them

thank you for your confirmation, I will try them

I use SMT as much as possible since a long time and didn’t encounter any issue. But I have the privilege to be able to sleep overnight, therefore the calendar app issue described by marcdw doesn’t affect me. Btw.: I just tried, it’s still an issue.
Nevertheless I would strongly recommend to use SMT as default apps, as they just do what they should and the UI is consistent and easy to use. That perfectly fits with the philosophy of /e/.

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You are not alone with that wish. There are several posts where it is requested. But the Boss likes ‘his’ apps more :frowning:

Well, at least it’s simple to switch the apps :slight_smile:
Maybe enough posts from users can convince the Boss?

I like these apps too !

I installed Camera for my mom (Galaxy S7), it’s more intuitive and less complex than OpenCamera. Perfect for her !

I like the Simple Mobile Tools more and more. I have to agree, it would be a real improvement for /e/.

But to version 1.0 the programs of /e/ will be equally perfect.

you are meaning the Simple Mobile Tools, right ?

Nope, when /e/ reaches version 1, that is when the beta ends, the /e/ programs will also be perfect. :slight_smile:

Look at the many requests in the bug tracker, it can only be perfect when they are all completed.

the hope dies last :wink: