Feature proposal: De-/Activate mobile connectivity by country/region

A question, that came to my mind in my last holidays as an European is, if it could be possible to implement an Android feature that gives you control over with which countrys’ mobile network the phone connects and with which not.

My holidays took place on an European island close to non-European main land. Randomly my phone was connected to the non-European mobile network on the main land, which could have led to massive costs, while, in general, the usage of mobile networks within the European Union are billed as in my European home country.

My mobile provider offers online the option to block ALL foreign mobile networks in general, but not by region or country.

I don’t know any of the technical background, but would find such an option very useful.

In the meantime thanks for the great work, I really enjoy /e/ and am trying to spread the word!


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Maybe by deactivating automatic network provider, then choosing your “home” provider ?


That is indeed a possibility. I also did so in the said holidays, but it is a flawed solution, because you constantly have to be on the lookout for the quality of the provided connectivity and manual change from one local European provider to the next one, if network coverage of the first one goes down the hill.

An automatic network search with custom rules dis-/allowing regions/countrys would do a better job.


The problem is that the OS is often switching from manual network selection to automatically without action from yourself. This is a bug that should be corrected. @admins