[FEATURE PROPOSAL] E-apps Package?

How about an e-apps package like g-apps to be used instead on blank custom roms on unsupported devices, like older ones? Wouldn’t this be able to increase the community base significantly? Myself I wish I had /e/ also on my note 4 trltexx …

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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It doesn’t seem very useful, the /e/ apps aren’t /e/. And you can download most of them.

I think it’s better to work on the support of devices instead of building a package of /e/ apps. Maybe it would only take 15 minutes to make it though, I don’t know.

Try to build your /e/ ROM :slight_smile: It’s quite easy when we read useful topics in the /e/ builds category, even if I didn’t succeed yet.

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thank you very much, you sure got a point there. Instructions seem simple enough, I’ll give it a try and post the results if I succeed.

But if we talk particularly about those apps that are used to access /e/ online services, their standalone distribution can help increase the project’s monetization. (Although I have no idea how to make it work.)

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sure, by cloud subscriptions :slight_smile: that was part of my thought …

i really agree with this. Look at for example how popular all the ‘simple’ apps are on fdroid - even if the /e/ apps are based on other apps, i feel it would be a good service to make them also available for other Android users + it would help to increase the visibility of /e/

OK … no success thus far. Here is what I did:
Device: Note4 trltexx (SM-N910F)
PC: Ubuntu 20.4 LTS
Followed this guide: https://doc.e.foundation/how-tos/build-e
created directories.
sudo docker pull registry.gitlab.e.foundation:5000/e/os/docker-lineage-cicd:community OK
sudo docker run
-v “/srv/e/src:/srv/src”
-v “/srv/e/zips:/srv/zips”
-v “/srv/e/logs:/srv/logs”
-v “/srv/e/ccache:/srv/ccache”
-e “BRANCH_NAME=v1-nougat”
-e “DEVICE_LIST=trltexx”
-e “OTA_URL=”
-e “REPO=https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/android.git
gave me this:
Set cache size limit to 50.0 GB

[Sat May 16 06:42:56 UTC 2020] Branch: v1-nougat
[Sat May 16 06:42:56 UTC 2020] Devices: trltexx,
[Sat May 16 06:42:56 UTC 2020] (Re)initializing branch repository
[Sat May 16 06:42:56 UTC 2020] Copying ‘/srv/local_manifests/*.xml’ to ‘.repo/local_manifests/’
[Sat May 16 06:42:56 UTC 2020] Use branch cm-14.1 on github.com/TheMuppets
[Sat May 16 06:42:57 UTC 2020] Syncing branch repository
[Sat May 16 06:45:35 UTC 2020] Missing “vendor/cm”, aborting
It appears to me as if something were missing …
My device is running Lineage 14.1-20170201-UNOFFICIAL-trltexx flawlessly.

Any help would be appreciated …

You should open a new topics in /e/ build category.

And this way of building is much better.

first: That’s a xiaomi device. There are no sources in TheMuppets available. you have to search for device and vendor and kernel sources on Github and making a roomservice.xml with them.

second: If you have the needed sources / roomservice you can use the way Anonyme has pointed to,

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