[FEATURE PROPOSAL] E.email aliases / sub-addressing

Hi all,

I found by testing that our e.email addresses support aliases like Gmail does, i.e use “+[alias]” after your username where [alias] is whatever plaintext alias you want to use.
However, if you be great if this was documented somewhere to explain what is permitted and what is not. e.g. can “_[alias]” also be used? What about “.” in the [alias]? Other special characters? Are subdomains supported, e.g. alias@username.e.email?

Note I did further testing and subdomain aliasing and “_” aliases do not seem to work, they were returned to my test account. However, numbers and “.” in the alias work. I don’t know which other special characters are supported though.

I haven’t had chance to check if it can also file the emails into folders according to the alias used, but this would be a great feature. My main use case at the moment is I add an alias to my main username which identifies the company to whom I am giving this address so I can in future tell who they give it to. I know that subaddressing is easy to bypass, as they can just delete the +[alias] part, but it is at least helpful.

The NextCloud Mail documentation on this is terrible/non-existent as far as I can tell from my research. /e/ needs to have good information on things like this to meet the objective of being for everyone, not only the techies.

It would also be nice to know if /e/ intends to add other aliasing possibilities, like Hotmail/Outlook does, where completely new names can be associated with a single account. This can also prove useful where normal subaddressing is not sufficient.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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I have this question too. Need an e.email alias.

Does anybody know if there are any updates on this? I could do with multiple email aliases too.

In your /e/ Murena account settings there’s now a “Hide my email” option which tells you an anonymous alias you an use.

Also, it works with plus addressing!

This is a great feature I just discoverd, thanks /e/ team! :smiley: