[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Email/Task/Calendar Integration

What is sorely needed on /e/ (and other Android based operating systems) is a way of creating tasks and calendar entries from emails. This sort of thing is offered by Microsoft Outlook and Google GMail, both of which I, and I suspect most people here, are working very hard to avoid. The same functionality is needed in the Android FLOSS world as having to manually create tasks or calendar entries with all of the information contained in a received email is extremely tedious and time consuming.


Thanks for sharing this suggestion @Vaughan please raise it as a enhancement request under https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/apps/Calendar/issues so that it can be tracked and implemented by the development team.

OK Manoj, it is done.

Thanks @Vaughan for adding the suggestion to the future enhancement list.

Most important thing for mail application is to handle latest securities connection system.

I gave up K9 mail because I couldn’t use may professional mail (active sync mail) for example

As i know you current developpment is a fork from K9, i hope that securities matters are managed