[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Gesture navigation

It would be interesting to add gesture navigation in / and / just because it is a rom with an interface very similar to the Iphone


Thank you for bringing up this idea.

Please raise feature requests on Gitlab as explained in this article: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/wiki/en/wikis/issues. This helps the team to track and decide on such new features.

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The gestures just like the Nokia N9 had would be lovely (compare https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=kaQM8vVjuE4).

Or the one of the oneplus 6 and 7 that I find quite easy to use and I miss that navigation feature :frowning:

I really miss Xiaomi’s navigation features: swipe in from side, back; swipe up, home; swipe up and pause, home. Is there a way to implement this?


If you are on Pie and have your device rooted with Magisk, you could install Lawnchair v2 and the QuickSwitch module to use the Android Pie navigation pill.

It’s not like Xiaomi, but I find it nicer than three button navigation. :slight_smile:

Now happy to be on android Q wih my POCO F1 and still no gestures avaluable.

Will this feature com in Future?

Best regards to e-developers

One suggestion, if gestures like the iPhone’s are difficult to implement, would be the fullscreen gestures alternative on the Samsung S10. You get three lines at the bottom of the screen instead of the navigation buttons. The function of the three lines are the same as the buttons but you swipe up from the lines. Very handy alternative.

This would be very cool and I miss the feature a lot coming from LineageOS