[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Hotspot: show connected devices

With /e/ OS, you can of course share your connection with any devices via USB, wifi or Bluethooth using hotspot.
It’s quite easy to do.
You can see how many devices are connected to your hotspot as illustrated below:

Screen Shot 06-12-21 at 10.06 PM

Unfortunately, while it’s possible with BB10 or any (Googled) Android to have the list of the devices connected to your hotspot, it’s not possible with /e/ OS.
For security reason, it would be good to have that possibility.

It would be good also to revoke the connection of any connected devices.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Big support from my side! I never understood why lineageos removed it …

This seems to me like a very useful feature indeed.

@ak.13 would you be able to track down the removing commit?

if the tethered android clients randomize their MAC (default since A10) the list of stale clients could rise and confuse for long running hotspot sessions. But it would be useful anyway. There seem to be some Apps that make it accessible via UI.

With a terminal app installed you can look at the ARP table (no rooting required).

ip neigh …or specifically… ip neigh show dev wlan0

You may give a thumb-up to this issue (you’ll have to create an account @ /e/ gitlab).

@tcecyk Sorry I cannot forward to the removing commit.

… And thanks for the hints for the commands. It is a quick workaround for me

@smu44 thanks for forwarding me to the request in github … I thumbed it already up

@smu44, thanks a lot for the issue open on gitlab!!

in the same time, when I use hotspot, while I connect only my laptop to my cell phone, the hotspot tells me that 2 devices are connected.
So my guess is that my laptop is considered two times but I can’t checked that (or perhpas with the workaround given by @tcecyk.

Do you see the same issue on your side? (I’m still with 0.16 for the moment)

You’re welcome :wink:

Only 1 device is reported by Hotspot for me.
You may have a bridged virtual interface, requesting a second IP address (as for VMware Workstation, VirtualBox, …).
Do you also see 2 devices on a ADSL/Cable provider modem/box ?


here, where I am, I have only my laptop and my cell phone. and my laptop has not VMware or stuff like that.
I would have to check with my box but I never see that if I well remenber.
Now I see only 1 device connected… perhaps an issue with windows 10 when he is creating the connection between the laptop and the hotspot…
I noticed that sometimes, I need to run the connection 2 or 3 times before I have a stable connection between laptop & hotspot.
But I don’t have this issue with other hotspot

You may try to disable IPv6 for your laptop WiFi connection.

Hi smu44,

I tried but I guess that the second device is also due to the VPN which can use IPv6.
So since that appears at each time, I don’t worry anymore.

Thanks for your help

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