[FEATURE PROPOSAL] In case of lost or stolen device

Hi, what do you think about introducing the “find my devices” feature?


Very good question, I’m wondering if there can possibly be an alternative to find my device or maybe /e/ will develop their own…

The “find my device” feature requires to establish an infrastructure to track ones device.
Since /e/ focuses on privacy, I am not sure if such a functionality (which weakens the privacy of location data) would be in accordance with their plans.


no user of /e/ uses apps that localize it?

the issue, IMHO, is even higher. Because someone decides for the users what is right and this is related to the sphere of privacy and therefore personal. There is always the possibility that some user who arrives in /e/ comes from a system in which he agreed to be geolocalized for issues related to loss / theft.
The possibility of localization could be a faculty like the request of which app to use for sms.
Accepting the optional, voluntary, conscious, secure (encrypted) localization, in compliance with GDPR, for security purposes only, by reliable organization… I don’t see a problem but opportunity.
Optionally, if more feasible by the infrastructure, the possibility of remote control via sms/web from preset phone number/login, to send formatting commands to delete sensitive content. and this is security and respect for privacy higher than leaving a terminal without these possibilities.

‘Find my device’ is allways a tracking app. It’s equal which one you are using. That’s the reason I never use such an app

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There are already apps providing this function, at F-Droid too, e.g. FindMyPhone. Shouldn’t we let the developers first build a secure basis, before we ask for things that are already in some form available?


I think suggestions are always welcome

In the past, i never use this kind of functionnality. I think that a “Find my phone” not have to be a native app (or functionnality). It is not in the /e/ philosophy… But with the /e/ store, people are free to install this kind of app.

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Thanks, I 'd searched Fdroid for “Find device” and not found this app. just look for “find”… I would have seen it. My mistake, i’m so sorry.
It is still an idea to give an operating system a feature. Not mandatory since there’s an app.
Thank you very much!

Really good idea, it’s a feature you can’t live without nowadays


Thanks a lot, best regards.



I think that’s the better joice

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hi, great suggestion, i fully agree. See also here for a Gitlab request i made for this: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/444